About Our Terms

Our terms and conditions are mentioned below. Please read it carefully. Once you understand and agree our terms and conditions, you continue with us.

  • Communicate with the behalf of the company as individual to make the promise with the authority.


  • To access the website through email or mobile for checking the details
  • User acts as main entity to book the appoinment through email

Rights on Intellectual Property

  • All the rights are reserved. We are the official owner and license of the intellectual property rights.
  • You can access our sites to take a copy of print out, extract the information and download the details for individual reference.
  • Do not change the digital paper copy.


  • We are the agency for every individual and we are acting as booking agent. Our site allows customers as per the contract that is mentioned in the terms and conditions. Our site maintains the separate customer contract in order to contact with them personally through service provider for the purpose of concerning on service supply.
  • If you want to compliant about our service, we provide the legal permission to share your feedbacks through service provider. We take the immediate response.
  • We have contract breach in the agreement for avoid unauthorized users.


  • If the customer meets any inherent risks or lost the value. In this case, our team can help to you during this situation. We consciously focus to avoid this kind of situation. We assure that it won’t happen to you all. We have solutions to resolve the problem to get customer satisfaction.
  • According to the applicable law, all the needs of the customers can be achieved with the support of service provider. We do not exceed the cost of amount for service.
  • They can feel free to complaint about the service and we receive all the complaints and respond within 48 hours. So, you can claim if you found any inconvenience to get the compensation immediately. It is additional opportunity to all the customers but there is less chance to get the inconvenience.


  • As per policies, you can approach our website at any time to register your complaints.
  • In the contact details, all the necessary information which are there to file your complaints at any time.
  • Customers have to mention your address as per terms and conditions


  • Customers have rights to check out duty and we transfer all the agreements for legal reasons.
  • We ensure to provide the agreement rights but it is not prejudiced.
  • All are under the consent and personally we provide the rights to transfer the duties through agreement.


  • Prices of services are applications as VAT along with the sales tax. There are no extra taxes and we are reserving the rights to modify our price list at any time