Experience HR transformation with NewHRMS—an all-in-one suite for employee management, attendance tracking, project oversight, and secure communication.

NewHRMS Features

NewHRMS offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline HR processes, from employee management and attendance tracking to project oversight and secure communication.


Welcome to the NewHRMS Dashboard, your central hub for efficient and effective HR management. Our intuitive platform offers a comprehensive overview of your organization's vital HR functions, allowing you to streamline processes, make data-driven decisions, and cultivate a positive workplace environment

360° Eagle-Eye View
Intuitive Module Overview

Geo Location

Utilize the power of Geo Fencing, configure your Organizations locations in a real time map and leverage a total control of your Work force’s location. Ensure the employees are working from their specified Geo Zones. Restrict their access and control, get instant alerts and notifications when there is a breach.

Draw Zones of your Organization and its branches
Configure and control the access of employees
Ensure remote workforce compliance with designated Geo Locations.
Monitor and restrict employee attendance within set Geo Locations.
Receive instant alerts and Geo Location-based reports.

Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

NewHRMS Employee Onboarding/Offboarding is your all-in-one solution for seamlessly managing the transitions of your workforce. Whether welcoming new hires into your organization or offboarding departing employees, our platform simplifies the entire process.

Streamlined Organization Management
Employee Management
Holiday and Leave Management
Asset Management
Comprehensive Reporting

Broadcast Management Hub

This comprehensive hub brings together email management, notice board updates, and circular distribution, providing you with a centralized and efficient solution for broadcasting messages within your organization. Streamline your communication efforts, engage your audience, and ensure everyone stays well-informed with NewHRMS's Broadcast Management Hub.

Manage replies and emails in the inbox.
Broadcast circulars/messages to the organization.
Archive and reference old messages efficiently.

Internal Knowledge Base – Wiki

Internal Knowledge Base – Wiki- your go-to resource for accessing and sharing valuable organizational knowledge. This dynamic platform is designed to streamline information management, making it easy for employees to access and contribute to a wealth of internal knowledge.

Internal KB system with hyperlinks.
Access to all employees.

Project Management

NewHRMS Project Management empowers your organization with robust tools to efficiently plan, execute, and track projects. From task assignment to progress monitoring, it simplifies project workflows, fosters collaboration, and ensures timely project delivery.

Create, manage, and archive projects and tasks.
Efficiently assign and monitor tasks and projects.
Build project teams with leads and track budgets.
Visualize project progress with Gantt charts.

Calendar and Work Schedule Management

Our integrated solution streamlines event planning, employee rosters, and work shift management, ensuring optimal productivity and organization-wide coordination. Experience hassle-free scheduling and workforce management with NewHRMS.

Sync with Google Calendar and manage events.
Create and assign employee shifts efficiently.
Ensure organizational work schedule visibility.
Plan for overtime and shift swaps

Clients / Companies Management

Our NewHRMS system offers a comprehensive solution for seamlessly handling your client or company relationships. Efficiently manage client data, track interactions, and monitor the progress of client projects. Our system streamlines client communication and enhances overall client satisfaction.

Client Onboarding and Management
Client Record and Contact Management
Client Accounts and Receivables Handling
Secure Storage of Sensitive Client Data

Face Recognition

Utilize advanced facial recognition technology for secure access control, attendance tracking, and identity verification. Streamline processes and enhance data accuracy while ensuring a seamless and contactless user experience.

Intelligent employee detection and control.
Face recognition for attendance.
Enhanced security with face matching.


Our comprehensive solution empowers you to streamline your sales process, from lead generation to deal closure, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. With NewHRMS Sales, you're equipped with the tools to nurture leads, close deals, and drive success, all while providing exceptional customer experiences

Manage sales estimates and invoices.
Associate project tasks with invoices.
Configure taxes ,Currencies & Online Payment Collection
Streamline payment processing and reporting


Manage payrolls, expenses, and budgets seamlessly while ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Gain real-time insights into your organization's financial health, make informed decisions, and drive financial excellence. With user-friendly tools and robust reporting, NewHRMS Accounting optimizes your financial strategies.

Budget planning and management.
Expense tracking and categorization
Asset, liability, and equity management.
Automated financial statement generation and year-wise reports

Organization Expenses Management

Our comprehensive expense management module streamlines the entire process, from expense submission and approval to reimbursement. You can categorize expenses, allocate budgets, and gain insights into your spending patterns.

Create and manage expenses, categorize them.
Configure expense approval processes and statuses.
Use intuitive search with date range, project, client, and category filters.

Recruitment Job Offers

Our platform simplifies and automates the creation, tracking, and management of job offers. You can seamlessly generate and customize offer letters, share them electronically, and track candidate responses all in one place.Elevate your recruitment efforts with NewHRMS Recruitment Job Offers and make every hire a success.

Exclusive offer management dashboard.
Create and send offers to candidates.
Set offer approval workflow with hierarchy.
Customize offers with vacation plans, incentives, pay scale, and employment type.

Unified Communication

Effortlessly facilitate communication and collaboration within your organization with NewHRMS. Our platform allows you to initiate and manage chat conversations among employees, whether it's one-on-one or group discussions. Schedule calls, web conferencing, and chat with team members, online or offline, from a user-friendly interface.

Initiate and manage chat conversations among employees.
Send direct and group messages efficiently.
Handle chat notifications and history seamlessly.
Integrate Zoom conferencing and messaging API.
Schedule calls and web conferencing within the organization.

Assets Management

Efficient asset management is crucial for any organization's success, and NewHRMS makes it effortless. NewHRMS Asset Management streamlines asset-related tasks, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and better financial control."

Manage and monitor all organization assets.
Track purchase details, warranty, and asset condition.
Assign and Monitor the Asset and the responsible user of any assets

Payroll System

Our comprehensive solution simplifies payroll management, from salary calculations and deductions to tax compliance and employee record-keeping. NewHRMS Payroll System is your key to ensuring employees are compensated accurately and on time, fostering satisfaction and trust within your workforce.

Create and manage pay components (e.g., DA, HRA).
Automate payroll processing for employees.
Record and evaluate overtime work logs and arrears.
Handle compliance elements like TDS, gratuity, and standard deductions effectively.

User level Management

With this robust module, you can assign and manage user roles, permissions, and access levels seamlessly. Streamline onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring that each user has the right level of access at all times. Enhance data security, privacy, and compliance with granular user-level controls.

Manage internal stakeholders and their roles.
Control business units/branches.
Configure user access levels efficiently.

Revenue Reports System

Our platform simplifies the tracking and analysis of revenue data, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your financial performance. With user-friendly features and customizable reports, you can monitor revenue streams, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Unique dashboard for comprehensive revenue performance.
Yearly, quarterly, and monthly sales and invoice reports.
Key account and client reporting.

Internal Helpdesk Ticket System

Enhance internal support and issue resolution with the NewHRMS Internal Help Desk Ticket System. Our intuitive platform simplifies the management of employee inquiries, technical issues, and support requests. With this system, you can ensure efficient problem-solving and improved employee satisfaction.

Tickets categorized with priorities.
Admin moderates incidents.
Dashboard provides ticket and action reports.

Organization Policy and Document Management

This platform empowers your organization to efficiently manage policies, documents, and crucial information. Seamlessly store, update, and distribute policies and documents, ensuring compliance and accessibility for all stakeholders. Elevate your document management with NewHRMS and enhance transparency, accountability, and operational efficiency across your organization."

Create, manage, and record organizational policies.
Record internal organization events, including promotions, resignations, and terminations.
Centralize and store organizational documents.
Automatically generate organizational charts

Intelligent Recruitment System

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to identify top talent, automate screening, and streamline your hiring process, making it faster, more accurate, and data-driven."

Job portal for seekers and recruiters.
Receive and manage online job applications.
Define and execute recruitment workflows.
Conduct online aptitude tests and pre-screening.
Schedule video interviews with candidates.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enhance customer relationships with NewHRMS' CRM feature. Streamline communication, track interactions, and leverage data-driven insights to optimize your customer engagement and sales efforts, all within a user-friendly interface."

Manage leads and deals in the CRM.
Associate projects/products based on interest.
Streamline the sales process.
Generate visual pipeline reports.
Easily manage proposals and business documents.

Performance Appraisal Module / Organizational Growth

Streamline employee evaluations, set clear goals, and drive continuous improvement with data-driven insights. Foster a culture of excellence, boost employee morale, and align individual performance with organizational objectives.

Handle team performance and appraisals.
Set and measure individual OKRs and SMART goals.
Evaluate employee goals and performances.
Manage self-ratings and achievements.
Intelligent mapping of ratings with managers/department heads.

Advanced Incident Management System

Enhance workplace safety and incident resolution with NewHRMS' Advanced Incident Management System. Streamline incident reporting, assign tasks, and track resolution progress in real-time. Improve response times, ensure compliance, and create a safer work environment with this user-friendly, data-driven solution.

Handle helpdesk and project incidents.
Identify and analyze problems.
Manage and resolve bugs efficiently.

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