App is not word at all because it spreads all over the world. App is in everywhere. Especially, workplace must use the app for employee portal which is good and looks nice. Every business must use the employee portal app to attract and provide best services. In this modern world, functional mobile app is fully automatic that is required to handle the employees.

Mobile app
  1. Use the apps as per the demand of employees.
  2. It is entirely natural process because it is fully functional app.
  3. Offers best services.
Separate mobile app for manager and employees
  1. Apply leaves through this mobile app.
  2. View all the plans and policies.
  3. View the tax related data.
  4. Access the payslips.
Payroll data
  1. View the updated payroll information.
  2. Understand the tax saving plan and deduction.
  3. Download the statements of total earning, YTD and PF.
Leave management
  1. Get the approval of leave.
  2. Check their leave balances by their mobile with single tap.
  3. Updated holiday details.
  4. View all the leave related data.
Features of geo mark attendance
  1. Mobile app enables with the Geo mark for marking attendance.
  2. Low cost of mobile devices and hardware.
  3. Set the multiple locations.
  4. Capture the exact attendance information.
Help desk
  1. Utilize HR help desk.
  2. Utilize IT help desk.
  3. Utilize Account help desk.
  4. Utilize Admin help desk.

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