Employee Leave Management Software

For multiple concerns, employee leave management is must to be streamlining the process through a single stroke. Leave management is best opportunity to neglect the issues in the leave administration in the middle of busy work. Employee can easy to follow up and consuming cost and time. It helps to develop the satisfaction among employees and transparency. Our Leave Management software can handle the period activities, grants and accountings.

Customized policies
  1. Make the leave policies as fully customized.
  2. Configure the leave policies.
  3. Access only standardized policies.
Generate the lists for holidays
  1. Create the holiday lists.
  2. Make the regional based lists.
  3. Include some restricted holidays.
  4. Establish the holidays list of the company.
Minimal queries and leave based tasks
  1. Provide the leave automatically.
  2. Management for handling the leave requests.
  3. Access all the leave reports.
  4. Give importance for HR strategic tasks.
Year-end leave procedure
  1. Automatic year end process.
  2. There is no extra works at all.
  3. Select the manual method for convenience.

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