ESS Portal

ESS portal increases the motivation and trust whenever improves the access by employees. It is a type of employee portal which insists more online access to get the information about payroll and anything else. It assures transparency, superior quality, better communication, transparency, responsiveness and standardized process. ESS portal engages with the nifty mobile app for the purpose of access from anywhere and anytime.

Basic activities
  1. Access the personal information.
  2. View the letters and documents.
  3. Follow the forms and policies.
  4. Search the employee data.
  5. Leverage the usage of social networks.
Payroll activities through ESS portal
  1. View the employee payroll data.
  2. Access the inputs of the payroll.
  3. Regulate the tax based updates.
Leave process through ESS portal
  1. Check the holidays along with leave balance.
  2. Manage all the leave related transactions.
  3. Access the leave information of each team.

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