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In every organization, HR management is mandatory which should be implemented for watching the entire system automatically. The reason is to ignore the negative concerns and vanish it entirely for making the workplace as fun and neat. HR system must be simple in order to track the activities of all the employees through the life cycle. It helps to make the simple work process and HR work. Moreover, it gives positive insights effortlessly. This is the right time to goodbye to clumsiness, inconsistency, data reuse and rework. Welcome to get the high profits with the employees.

  1. Collect the employee data.
  2. Keep maintain all lifecycle process.
  3. Surf the employee data.
  4. Track the assets of the employee.
  5. Update the information of KYE.
Get the good experience of onboarding
  1. Use only paperless process.
  2. Integrate all the documents.
  3. Ensure the novel compliance.
  4. Review all workflows.
Notification, alerts and communication
  1. Employee communication management system.
  2. Send notifications for alert.
  3. Use the templates for setting reminder.
  4. Regulate the forms and policies.
Reports and dashboards of Core HR
  1. Use temporary reports for HR MIS.
  2. Use the unique CEO dashboard.
  3. Use the separate HR dashboard.
EDM (Employee Document Management)
  1. Maintain the documents of all the employees.
  2. Access the documents if required.
  3. Send letters to employees.

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