Attendance Management Software

The real time software is Attendance processing which connects the managers with employees. There is a requirement of fixing the ASAP issues but it is not processing at the month end. Our Attendance Management System is vey efficiency and simple to handle. So, you can get best experience when the system integrates with our software.

Utilize different sources
  1. Use the ESS portal.
  2. Adopt the hardware from third party.
  3. Regulate real time attendance.
Features of geo mark attendance
  1. Avoid the extra attendance devices.
  2. Record the attendance from mobile apps.
ESM (Extensive Shift Management)
  1. Make the policies as per shifts.
  2. Assign the employees for shifts.
Process of attendance
  1. Access the real time information of the attendance.
  2. Report the real time information.
  3. Configured the attendance to view.
Employee attendance register portal
  1. Regulate the employee attendance.
  2. View the fulfilled data.
Strong policies for configuration
  1. Create the group to share the policies among employees.
  2. Make the one time activity and standard scheme.
  3. Use logic computation for getting actual data.

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