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Growth of every employee is evident success of the organization

Scale the employee’s activities in one stop solution and derive the effective measure in the daily work. Effective measure in the daily work.

Employees - NewHRMS Dashboard


Managing the attendance is a immediate requirement for small offices

Effectively managing the attendance solution for your small offices will drastically improve the productivity of your office, we give necessary tools to manage the attendance effectively.

Attendance - NewHRMS Dashboard


Managing employees projects and relevant tasks are key for your office

We provide a complete project/task solution for your office needs, with this you will be able to manage your employees projects/tasks and what they do daily.

Task - NewHRMS Dashboard


You dont need a seperate person to manage your Payroll anymore

Managing payroll is a tedious task and you need a seperate person to manage this every month, but with our solution you just need our tools.

Payroll - NewHRMS Dashboard


Managing employees projects and relevant tasks are key for your office

Projects are linked with clients as well, so what employee does on tasks/projects directly reflects on the clients billing, its the effective way to do.

Projects - NewHRMS Dashboard


You can manage your office events in a single place

You wont notice how much time even small events inside your office takes from you, with our latest tools you'll feel free when you use it.

Events - NewHRMS Dashboard


Reporting your productivity to your clients is the key

For every successfull business, reporting your productivity of your employees to your clients is the key to success, now its made easy.

Clients - NewHRMS Dashboard


Text/voice/video chat are key tools

With a massive amount of tools online, it is must to keep the employees to interact with each other wherever they are, we help to achieve.

Chat - NewHRMS Dashboard


Managing accounts on a single location

All your accounts solution is managed in a single location including payroll of employees to client invoices and quotes, everything is now linked.

Accounts - NewHRMS Dashboard


You can tweek it how you like it to be

Our tools are more sophisticated that you will be able to customise it based on your needs, each and every modules with access control is something you'll love.

Settings - NewHRMS Dashboard

Special Highlights

Complete solution with mobile applications (Android/iOS)

Responsive tool to be viewed
in all devices

Customizable solution with module
access control

Tasks/Projects from employees
to clients

Smart dashboard for effective

Text/Voice/Video chat and Face Recognition to engage employees

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